About us

Omra Badal Agency

Who are we ?

We are an organisation that offers proxy pilgrimages for :

Deceased persons

Very elderly people

Who are unable to make long journeys

People with a disease

That makes them impossible to move

This service enables one to earn the reward of Hajj (pilgrimage) Bi Idhnillah (if Allah wills) and thus fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj.

You have the opportunity to present one of the most beautiful gifts for a deceased individual who was unable to perform Hajj or Umrah while alive.

Several times a year we travel to Makkah, where, with the help of our local partner, we assign and supervise students of Islamic studies to fulfil your Hajj by proxy. Each student is carefully selected through tests and individual interviews. The fee you pay for the proxy Hajj or Umrah also provides financial assistance to the students who perform these acts of prayer.

In fact, the scholarship they receive is not enough to support themselves and their families.

We are aware of the heavy responsibility you have entrusted to us to fulfil this extremely important task for you and your loved ones. We seek the blessing and sanction of Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla in all that we do.

May Allah accept the works we do.

In brotherhood.

Omra Badal Team

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Proxy Umrah

Umrah Badal

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Umrah Badal is performed by students of Islamic studies